Promoting Mental Wellness


iEmpowered is an organization dedicated to serving people who battle mental health challenges. We believe that there is a power inside all of us that once discovered and ignited, can break through and overcome any obstacle or barrier that stands between us and our goals.

We believe that that power maximizes through a four pillared approach to mental wellness; feeding the mind good positive thoughts, getting adequate rest and exercise and only taking into the body good nutritious food. These strengths and practices are what empower us to find fulfillment through positive contributions to family, employment and community.

As a non-profit, iEmpowered seeks to offer the necessary support without the overwhelming financial burden that often impedes our progress on the path to mental wellness.


Fundraising Events

Come join a great community event to bring awareness to mental health, while running through Southern Utah’s beautiful landscape.



Interested in sponsoring? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.